Pasta Cutter

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A kitchen utensil that may have cutting wheels or cutting circles used to cut pasta dough into strips, circles, squares, or other pasta shapes. Pasta cutting wheels typically are made with one, two or multiple straight and fluted-edged cutting wheels attached to a handle. The stainless steel wheels are used to cut pasta dough into strips. The edge of the wheel may be smooth or it may have a fluted ridge to give the pasta a decorative edge when cutting it. The two wheel version is also known as a pastry wheel or pasta wheel. Another type of handled pasta cutter is available that has a formed wheel which is used to cut a square pattern in pasta dough enabling pasta squares, that will be stuffed and joined, to be cut into a square shape. A device, similar to a cookie cutter is used to cut circles and squares of pasta for making stuffed pasta such as ravioli. This cutter, also known as a ravioli stamp cutter or pasta stamp cutter is available in different sizes and also is made with smooth or fluted edges. If you have the appropriate size cookie cutter, that can be substituted to make the pasta shapes.

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