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A cup-shaped kitchen utensil, varying in size from 1/4 to 5 cup measures that are used to hold specific amounts of both dry and liquid ingredients. Traditional small dry measuring cup sizes are used for dry measures of 1/8, 1/4, 1/3, 1/2, 1, and 2-cup sizes in U.S. measures or 30 ml, 60 ml, 80 ml, 120 ml, and 240 ml in metric. The liquid measuring cups can range in sizes that measure from 1 teaspoon or 5 milliliters to 8 cups or 2 liters. The smallest cup measures 1 to 6 teaspoons in U.S. measures or 5 to 30 milliliters (ml) in metric.

Medium sized cups, which begin to move away from a typical "cup" category to more of a measuring jug or container, hold U.S. measures of 1 to 2 cups, 1 to 4 cups, or 1 to 8 cups. For metric measures the sizes come in 100 to 500 ml, 100 ml to 1000 ml (1 liter) or 100 ml to 2 liters. Markings are imprinted or embossed on the sidewall of each cup to indicate various partial measures within the total cup size.

Measuring cups are available in a variety of styles and materials such as tempered glass, plastic, aluminum, or stainless steel. Tempered glass is most often used to measure liquids that can then be boiled easily without harming the cup or without transferring the heat to the handle of the glass container. Glass measuring cups are typically available in 1, 2 and 5 cup measures. Plastic, aluminum or stainless steel are generally used to make smaller measuring cups up to 2 cups in measure. Clear plastic measuring cups work well if they are not exposed to excessive heat that may distort the measure indicators.

Angled measuring cups are also available, which are designed to provide easily viewable levels so that measured amounts can be readily viewed looking either down into the cup or by viewing the measured levels at the side of the cup.

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