Poblano Chile Pepper

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A dark blackish green, triangular-shaped pepper, 3 to 5 inches long, with a wide top that tapers to a blunt end. When fully mature, the Poblano Chile turns a reddish brown and becomes sweeter in flavor. Its meaty flesh is mild to medium hot, providing a rich bell pepper flavor. The Poblano is commonly used for making Chiles Rellenos (as is the Anaheim Chile) as well as being used as a stuffing pepper, a grilling pepper, and as an ingredient for soups and sauces. When dried, wrinkled and flattened in shape, this pepper is referred to as an Ancho chile or at times a Mulato chile (one of the varieties of Poblanos), providing a mildly sweet flavor for moles and other types of sauces. To store, keep fresh Poblanos refrigerated, wrapped loosely in a paper towel. This pepper will retain its flavor for approximately a week if refrigerated.

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