Piparras Chile Pepper

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Native to the Basque region of Spain, this variety of chile pepper is small in size and narrow in dimension. Similar to a string bean in appearance, the Piparras Chile Pepper is often harvested when green or yellowish-green and canned in a salt brine to be preserved for use. This pepper is mild flavored with a tartly sweet overtone. The thin and fine-textured skin of the Piparras Pepper covers many small seeds that are contained within to be eaten with the pepper as it is consumed. Piparras can be served as an appetizer with olives and hearty dried meats, a snack, an addition to fish, shellfish, other vegetables, or be added to salads. It is a pepper that goes well with salty or smoked fish such as anchovies, smoked oysters or other varieties of smoked seafood.

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