Mulato Chile Pepper

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A wrinkled, flattened, brownish-black, dried chile with a heat level that ranges from mild to medium. When it is fresh, the Mulato Chile Pepper is referred to as a Poblano Chile. The Mulato Chile provides a slight licorice flavor with a hint of cherry and tobacco. Dried Mulato is an important ingredient in Mexican mole, which is a combination of chiles and chocolate. Dried, ground Mulato is available in most grocery stores as fresh Mulato (Poblano) chiles are as well, but possibly a little harder to find. When handling Mulato chiles, be sure to wear rubber gloves to protect cuts and abrasions from coming in contact with the volatile oils in the chiles. Be sure to keep hands away from eyes and other sensitive areas after coming in contact with the chiles. After handling the chiles, wash hands thoroughly with soap and warm water.

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