Luganega Sausage

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A traditional Italian pork sausage made throughout Italy but most notably northern Italy, that is considered to be a mild homemade or country sausage. It is typically produced with the meat from the cheek or neck of the pig, seasoned with nutmeg, coriander, pepper, and cinnamon after which it stuffed into a long continuous round casing. Some regions use the meat from the ribs as well as the cheeks and neck.

Different sausage makers add ingredients to make it fattier, leaner, spicier or more flavorful as occurs when it is mixed with garlic or stuffed with cheeses such as Parmesan. Versions with more fat are typically used for stews while the leaner versions are most often roasted or boiled as an ingredient to be added to pasta, sauces, or polenta. Luganega is also known as luganiga or luganeghe.

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