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An ancient food developed by early cultures that harvested wheat and other grains, grinding them with stones to create flour. The flour became the key ingredient to make a variety of thin breads, usually consisting of single pieces that were baked in ovens, griddles, and open fires. Typical flatbreads now being produced are arepas, chapatis, cracker breads, crispbreads, dosas, naan, pitas, lahvosh, and tortillas. Flatbreads may be softer textured breads such as naan, or have a medium dry texture such as pita or be baked so they are very dry and crispy textured such a lahvosh or Scandanavian flatbreads like knäckebrot. Flatbreads, which are made in a wide variety of different types, flavors and sizes are served as appetizers, snacks, sandwich breads, or to accompany main dishes and salads.

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