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Meat that is from pork ribs, which are a long cut of meat taken from the side or belly primal cut of the hog, which includes the lower breastbone. Weighing up to 5 pounds and containing 11 rib bones, Spareribs are more bone than meat with quite a bit of fat, but this cut will be meatier than a baby back rib and not as expensive. The fat contributes to the delicious flavor and tenderness of the ribs. They are best when cooked slowly so that most of the fat is dissolved and the meat becomes tender. On the inside of the Whole Sparerib there is a flap of meat referred to as the "skirt" which is typically removed prior to cooking since it often dries out quickly as the Sparerib cooks. Beef back ribs are sometimes referred to as Spareribs and lamb ribs cut from the breast are also occasionally referred to as Spareribs, but the term most often applies to pork, which are also known as whole Spareribs.

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