Dim Sum

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A Chinese term used to refer to various small bite-sized foods served in small quantities (3 to 4) to be eaten as appetizers or snacks. Asian restaurants commonly offer a numerous variety of dishes from which to choose, such as: egg rolls, fried or steamed pork dumplings, fried taro cake, noodles, pot stickers, shrimp toast, stuffed green peppers with shrimp, stuffed lotus leaf with stick rice, steamed buns, steamed ribs, steamed chicken feet, taro root dumplings, and desserts such as mango pudding, yellow cream buns, and lotus seed buns. The custom is to continually select from the menu of items so that small portions of food which are varied are continually eaten. Dessert items can be eaten at any point while selecting other foods and do not has a specific order in which they are served or selected. Dim sum may also be referred to as dem sum.

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