Cannelloni Pasta

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A type of pasta that may be made as a large dried tube or as a flat sheet of pasta that will be filled with ingredients and rolled into a tube shape. When commercially produced as a seamless tube, the Cannelloni Pasta is a straight tubular piece that is approximately 1 inch in diameter and 4 inches long. It is cut evenly on both ends and has a smooth surface. Various meat or vegetable ingredients are mixed together to become a stuffing that is used as a filling for the tube. When formed out of a sheet, the pasta is approximately 4 inches square. The pasta sheet is wound around the ingredients, forming an open-ended tube that is filled lengthwise with food contents. After being stuffed with ground meats, cheeses and/or possibly vegetable ingredients, the Cannelloni tubes are placed in a baking pan, covered with a sauce and cooked. Manicotti may be substituted if Cannelloni Pasta is not available.

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