Gorgonzola Dolce Blue Cheese

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A cow's milk blue cheese from Italy that is a milder version of the traditional (naturale)aged Gorgonzola Blue. It is produced from the curd of only one milking and made into various sized wheels that are ready for market at a very early age, unlike other varieties of Gorgonzola. A bit different than many blue cheeses, the rind of this cheese has some streaks of blue mold, but overall, there is very little evidence of the abundant blue and green mold common in many of the aged blue cheeses. It is also much milder and sweeter than other blue cheeses due to being ready when very young. The dolce is aged for a shorter amount of time giving it a sweet flavor, while the naturale is allowed to age for six months or more resulting in a strong, sharp flavor and aroma. It is an excellent cheese to serve as an appetizer, as a dessert cheese served with fruit, as a flavoring in salads and pasta dishes, or as stuffing for chicken, veal or tube pasta. This cheese may also be referred to by a brand name of Dolcelatte.

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