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A cut of beef that consists of the entire muscle located on the belly or underside of the cow, just below the loin and rib cage. It is this piece of meat that is sliced into individual cuts referred to as Flank steaks and London broils. Although the Flank is technically not a steak, it is a common reference used to describe this cut of meat.

Long and thin in dimension, this cut typically weighs up to 2 pounds and contains only a small amount of fat. The grain of the Flank runs lengthwise, which causes the steak to shrink in size as it cooks resulting in a piece of meat that is considerably smaller after being cooked. Since it may be tough in texture, it is wise to marinate prior to cooking and cook until medium-rare. When ready to serve, slice the meat across (against) the grain in thin slices approximately 1/2 inch or less wide, preserving as much juice as possible to keep it tender and moist. Slicing straight downward often enables this process.

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