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A variety of potato which is harvested very early in its growth. This potato is removed from the vine while the leaves on the plant are still green, growing to an approximate diameter of 2 inches. At this young stage, the thin waxy yellow or red skin of the potato contains a high level of moisture and its sweet, tender white flesh has not fully developed a high level of starch common in larger potatoes. Since this variety contains a lower level of starch, it more suitable for boiling. New potatoes can be boiled, baked, fried, or roasted and are excellent as side dishes or for use in potato salads, soups, stews, and casseroles. A smaller version of this potato is referred to as a creamer potato, which is basically the same as a new potato, except harvested sooner and thus, smaller in size, measuring approximately 1 inch in diameter.

When selecting potatoes, choose those that are firm, nicely shaped without sprouts on their outer skin, and are not displaying a green cast to their color. It is common for new potatoes to have small holes or indentations due to their young skin being tender and easily bruised. When sold in food stores, red potatoes are commonly referred to as new potatoes, however they may not actually be a new potatoe. Since the red potato is low in starch, it is a good substitute, but may not be as sweet in flavor or moist in texture. To store the potatoes, keep them in a dry dark place where they can remain for several weeks without spoiling.

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