Gordal Olive

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A large oval shaped olive grown in Spain and other countries such as the U.S., that is green in color with a rougher and meatier texture. The olive may have small white marks on its outer skin that do not affect the taste or quality of the fruit. The spots are due to growing conditions and the levels of oil and sugar within the olive. This variety of olive, which is also known as a "Queen" olive, has a low level of oil content and a high level of sugar. Consequently, when harvested, if the conditions have been dry and the olive is also dry, fermentation becomes stronger in this olive resulting in noticeable spots. The olive is brine-cured and provides a distinctively rich flavor enhanced by the added spices, such as sherry vinegar, cumin, garlic, and thyme. Gordal olives, which are available stuffed or whole, can be served as a snack, an hors d'oeuvre, or as a complement to salads and other foods.

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