Miscellaneous Olive Oils

Miscellaneous Olive Oils

There are other olive oils available to the consumer that are sold as value added products, such as light oils and flavored oils. The names given to these products do not necessarily determine the quality or grade of the oil, although the name may include the grade of the oil such as "Light Extra Virgin Olive Oil" or "Mild in Taste, Virgin Olive Oil".

Mild in Taste Olive Oil

Olive oils labeled as mild, light, or lite refer to the flavor of the oil as mild or light and do not designate oil that is low in calories. All types and grades of olive oil contain the same amount of calories (120 calories per tablespoon). The flavor of light olive oils is less pronounced than that of regular olive oils because of a special filtration process that is used during production.

Olive oils in this group are very popular among consumers who are looking for a healthy oil without a strong flavor. Some of the names given to these products include:

  • Lite Olive Oil
  • Mild Olive Oil
  • Mild in Taste Olive Oil
  • Light in Taste Olive Oil
  • Mild in Taste, Virgin Olive Oil
  • Light Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Light in Taste Olive Oil

Flavored Olive Oils

Flavored extra virgin olive oils are manufactured by adding ingredients to the olives as they are being pressed. Lower quality grades of olive oil are enhanced only after the oil has been produced. A heat treating process is used to infuse the oil with flavoring agents. Citrus extracts and citrus zest, such as the lemon zest pictured at the left, are popular additions to olive oil. Various herbs and spices such as garlic, basil, rosemary, and pepper are also used.

It is not safe to prepare homemade flavored olive oils unless they will be used immediately. Special processes are used in commercially prepared flavored oils to make them safe for the consumer. Homemade flavored oils may promote bacterial growth that can cause illness.


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