Ground Beef

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Commonly referred to as hamburger, ground beef is produced from grinding and blending together various cuts of beef including meat from the chuck, brisket, plate, sirloin, and/or flank. If a specific cut of ground beef is desired, it is available and will be labeled as ground sirloin or similar depending on the meat selected to be ground.

Ground beef can be purchased with different levels of fat content, depending on the cut or cuts of beef that were used. The less fat in the finished product, the more expensive the cost. In order to be labeled ground beef, it must be at least 70% lean, containing no more than 30% fat. Ground beef labeled as lean cannot contain more than 22.5% fat. Ground beef is used in many dishes, but it is especially popular when it is formed into a patty to be fried or grilled and made into a hamburger sandwich.

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