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A delicately flavored dry cured ham, originating in Italy and made from the meat on the hindquarters of hogs. The meat is pressed creating a texture that is firm and dense. It is then rubbed with salt, seasoned with pepper and a few spices, and air-dried to cure, giving it a rich rosy-brown color. Ready to eat, this meat is typically available as a bone-in ham, as a boneless ham to be cut into paper-thin slices for serving, or as packaged, pre-cut slices.

When prosciutto is served raw, it is referred to as "prosciutto crudo" (or prosciutti in plural form), and is most often eaten as an appetizer or an antipasto with other meats and vegetables. Prosciutto can be served raw since it has been cured. When cooked, it is generally boiled and referred to as "prosciutto cotto", which becomes an excellent deli sandwich meat or a nice complement to a main dish. Prosciutto di Parma (also known as prosciutto Parma, prosciutto Parma style or Parma ham)is a meat that comes from the Parma region of Italy or made in the style and flavor of Parma prosciutto. When considered a Parma prosciutto, the meat is seasoned with select spices and herbs and then dry cured for almost a year.

When selecting Prosciutto, choose meat that has a dark rose coloring and is nicely marbled. To store, keep it in air tight containers or tightly wrapped to reduce the exposure to air which dries it out.

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