Cottage Cheese

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A type of cheese made from pasteurized cow's milk that can be whole, part skimmed, or skimmed. Whole-milk Cottage Cheese contains 4% fat while part skimmed provides 2% fat as a reduced-fat product or 1% fat as a low-fat product. Skimmed Cottage Cheese or fat-free products do not contain cream and are much drier in consistency.

Produced by removing the whey while retaining the curds, Cottage Cheese is mixed with either milk or cream to produce a smooth-textured, milky-flavored cheese. Cottage cheese, which has a mildly sweet flavor as a plain cheese, is most often processed into small or large curds that may be either flavored or unflavored. It is often served in salads either mixed with fruit or placed over greens. Cottage Cheese is also served as a side dish, in main dishes such as lasagna when substituted for ricotta cheese, or served as a nutritious snack. In addition, Cottage Cheese is used as a topping for baked potatoes or fruit and as a sandwich spread. When storing, keep Cottage Cheese refrigerated in a closed container, using it within a week. When it begins to deteriorate, the cheese mixture separates, becoming watery and sour smelling.

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