Chafing Dish

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A cooking utensil used to keep foods warm. The Dish consists of a pan that rests within or on a platform above a small heating device such as a candle or gel stove (also known as spirit stove) that is used to heat the underside of the pan when warming food. Often placed at the dining or buffet table, a Chafing Dish is used to keep various food dishes warm prior to and during the meal. Chafing dishes are made in a variety of shapes, types and sizes. For general use, there are pottery and stainless steel pots or pans that are built with holders for the pan and the warming candle. Also, there are many different types of chafing dishes that are made of silver or silver-plated materials to be used in more formal settings. When selecting fuel for the stove beneath the Chafing Dish, consider the purpose of use, which most often is simply to warm the food, since the some fuels are made for cooking while others are designed for warming.

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