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A method of cooking using direct heat, which is much like grilling except that the heat source is over the food instead of under it. Unlike methods that use cooking oils, such as frying or sauteing, Broiling uses a broiler pan and the heat source in the broiler to produce a crispy outer surface while still allowing the interior to reach a required degree of doneness as well as retain juices without drying out. If a broiler pan is not available, use a wire baking rack that is placed within a pan that can catch the drippings. It would be wise to line the pan with aluminum foil to assist with the cleanup following the broiling.

This type of cooking is best for cuts of meat that are thin and lean such as fish, meat chops, poultry cutlets, and other similar items. However, if the cut is so lean that the lack of fat results in a decrease of flavor, the food can often be improved with the use of a glaze, a food paste or a marinade.

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