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Spreadable Fruit
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Often referred to as a preserve, this fruit spread can be used like a jam or a preserve to be spread on crackers, bread, toasted foods, or baked goods. It is made in a variety of fruit flavors, all having a very smooth texture that is slightly denser than jams and much heavier than jellies. Spreadable fruit can be used as a filling for cookies, bars, pastries, cobblers, and other similar foods. Typically, fruit fillings have a heavier bodied texture than spreadable fruit, but both may serve similar purposes.

Another type of spreadable fruit that is readily available is made with yogurt and is considered to be an alternative to traditional jam-like spreads or butter spreads. It is produced as a "healthier alternative" product, containing less fat, less calories, and no trans fat. It provides as mildly sweet flavor with a creamy texture that can be served on crackers, breads, pastries, and other foods typically covered with butter or jam.

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