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Matzo Ball Soup
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Common in Jewish kitchens, this type of soup consists of a broth that contains several round, soft dumplings known as Matzo Balls. The Matzo Ball is made from a dough that uses Matzo meal (crushed dried flatbread), oil or butter, eggs, and seasonings mixed together that is formed into round balls. Cooked in boiling water or a broth, the Matzo Balls are prepared before being placed in the broth of the soup, which is typically made from a chicken broth. This type of soup is also known as Matzah Soup, and the dough balls in the soup may be referred to as a knaidel if only a single ball is in the soup or when several dumplings are served they are referred to as a knaidlach or knaydelach. Matzo Ball Soup is a food most often prepared for Passover seder, a Jewish holiday.
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