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Duck Egg
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A variety of egg that comes from a duck, which is typically raised for its meat and feathers. A duck egg is similar to a chicken egg with a few differences. In the duck egg, the chalaza is not as noticeable and the color of the white is more transparent with less yellow coloring. Duck eggs are higher in cholesterol, fat, and albumen, which is the protein of the egg white. Due to the higher level of protein, baked goods such as angel food cakes are loftier than cakes baked with chicken eggs. However, the duck egg does not whip up as nicely as a chicken egg. This can be improved by adding approximately 3/4 of a tablespoon of lemon juice to a medium size duck egg, which adds more acid to the egg. When fried, the duck egg provides a firmer texture than the chicken egg. The flavor varies for each type of egg, chicken or duck. A duck egg has a more pronounced flavor, while a chicken egg is less flavorful. The duck eggs that are typically available are quite large (larger than a chicken egg), but duck producers will sell sizes ranging from very small, small, medium, large, to jumbo, which are available in standard and free-range varieties.
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