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Olive Oil Dispenser and Drizzler
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A bottle that is typically formed in a manner, such as tall and narrow, for use in conveniently holding and dispensing olive oil. Decorative or plain in design, an Olive Oil Dispenser may be made of stainless steel, porcelain, glass, or ceramic materials with some type of pour spout to dispense the oil. This type of bottle is built to drizzle oil over salads and other food items or simply to pour small amounts of oil on plates for dipping foods into the oil. The Dispenser is also a quick means to access and pour olive oil when needed for cooking or sautéing various foods.

Some Olive Oil Dispensers are built with removable, curved pour spouts formed into rubber graduated stoppers that fit snugly into the bottle opening while other Dispensers have spouts formed into the overall construction of the bottle. Depending on the manufacturer of the Oil Dispenser, there may be a lid on the spout that closes and covers the spout opening or it may be completely open, which will allow oils to be exposed to air. Spouts that are not resealable with airtight lids over the spout can cause the bottle contents to deteriorate over time from excessive exposure to air. Thus, if the contents are to be stored in the Olive Oil Dispenser for longer periods of time, such as weeks, then it may be wise to consider purchasing a Dispenser with an airtight cap enclosing the spout. In addition to the storage of olive oils, other uses for these bottles include the storage of flavored oils, vinegars, vegetable oils, and fluids that are readily available and convenient for use if kept on the counter at room temperatures.

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