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Danish Blue Cheese
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Any of a variety of cheeses that are made in Denmark using their traditional manner of cheesemaking for blue cheeses that are formulated to be similar to the pasteurized Bleu d'Auvergne and unpasteurized Bleu des Causses varieties of this cheese. Somewhat generic in use, the term Danish Blue can apply to many different blue cheeses from Denmark that are made with cow's milk.

The flavor of a Danish Blue has a natural grass, clover and wildflower combination with a nutty overtone that is also somewhat salty and smoky at times. Danish Blue Cheese has always been considered to be a product that provides both high quality and high value when compared to other blue cheeses. Although the flavor is not as complex as many others, it does provide a enjoyable blue cheese with a moist paste filled with blue streaks that add much to the flavor. Danish Blue Cheese can be easily cut with a wire cheese cutter and goes well with a robust red wine, such as a Cabernet.

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