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Electric Crêpe Maker
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A kitchen utensil with short side walls that is heated by electrical current in order to cook a crêpe that is 8 to 10 inches in diameter. The bottom of the pan has a rounded surface extending upward that allows the pan to be dipped into the batter after the pan is heated. This enables the pan to receive a thin batter coating instead of a thick coating, which may occur if batter is poured too heavily into a flat bottom pan. By using the round bottom Crêpe Pan, the crêpe can be prepared as a thinly coated layer that covers the pan as it heats and cooks the crêpe. When cooked only on one side, as many round, raised-bottom pans do, the crepe has one golden browned side and one moist, ivory colored side.

Making good crêpes requires some experience at pouring, swirling or coating the batter evenly onto the surface of a heated pan. The Electric Crêpe Maker uses slightly less than an ounce of batter which results in a crêpe that is approximately 1/20th of an inch (1 mm) thick.

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