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Smokin' Hens

Menu: Smokin' Hens  by jwc

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salad with oranges and pecans

Quick Easy Crowd Pleasing Salsa

quick easy crowd pleasing salsa

Very good medium salsa that wins the crowd over every time. This is a very popular recipe that has won several contests. You'll never believe how simple it is!
Sweet Bread with Macadamia Honey Butter

sweet bread with macadamia honey butter

A sweet bread with a creamy nut butter to top it off. If you've ever eaten at Disney's Polynesian Kona Cafe restaurant, you would have fallen in love with this bread. Now you can make it yourself.

Main Course

Smoked Soy-Honey-Rum Cornish Game Hens

smoked soy-honey-rum cornish game hens

Brined to flavor the meat and then smoked to bring out all that flavor, these tasty little hens will impress everyone. Enjoy this any time of year.


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oven roasted balsamic green beans

These green beans will become a favorite. They are loaded with flavor and so easy to make. The roasting brings out the flavor from the beans and the vineagar.
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baked cheesy potatoes


Slow Cooker Chocolate Lava Cake

slow cooker chocolate lava cake

Have you ever had those molten lava cakes for dessert at a restaurant? They are amazing! And this recipe tastes just as good but all the work is done by the slow cooker.
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