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Xmas 2014

Weekly Meal Plan: Xmas 2014  by jwc

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Day 1


Bagel and Cheese Bake

bagel and cheese bake

The perfect breakfast recipe. You make this delicious egg casserole up the night before and then bake it up in the morning. Perfect for overnight guests and late nights.


Three Ingredient Beef Tenderloin

three ingredient beef tenderloin

Who would think that it would be as simple as 3-ingredients to make this filet mignon melt in your mouth. Any cook can make this and it will impress all your guests.
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mashed potatoes for a crowd

Bacon and Shallot Smothered Green Beans

bacon and shallot smothered green beans

Fresh green beans are covered with smoky bacon and sweet caramelized shallots. A beautiful side dish for any meal.
Honey Yeast Rolls

honey yeast rolls

A copy cat recipe from the Texas Roadhouse for those famous rolls. These have that same hint of sweet in them from the honey. Best when hot out of the oven but still delicious after they've cooled.
Honey Cinnamon Butter

honey cinnamon butter

This cinnamon butter goes perfectly with warm rolls. This can be served for breakfast, or just as a condiment any time of day.
Marshmallow Sweet Potatoes

marshmallow sweet potatoes

With or without the marshmallows, this sweet potato dish is fabulous. Sweet and smooth, you might never want a regular mashed russets again.
Amaretto Slush with Tea

amaretto slush with tea

A refreshing cocktail with that great Amaretto flavor. You can't even taste the tea. This slush will be perfect as the weather gets warmer.

Day 2


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creme brulee french toast 7

Fresh Fruit with Brown Sugar Dressing

fresh fruit with brown sugar dressing

The mixture of fruits used in this salad gives it a nice blend of flavors. The brown sugar dressing is the perfect way to bring all these flavors together. This makes a nice spring or summer salad to serve with your grilled meats or any other meal.


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japanese rumaki

Overnight Sandwich

overnight sandwich

Perfect addition to any gathering that can be made in advance.
Christmas Wreath Cookies

christmas wreath cookies

Easy and festive treat for the children and adults. The trick is to butter your hands when shapping them into wreaths so the marshmallows don't stick to your hands.
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