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The privacy of our visitors is important to us. Please review our policies below.


Tecstra Systems is committed to serving the needs of our visitors and in an effort to explain our procedures pertaining to the privacy of our visitors, we are providing a summary of our Privacy Policies regarding the information we collect online. Our Policy applies only to the online collection of information and does not apply to information that is provided to Tecstra Systems through letters, mail, telephone, or other means other than the Web sites where this Privacy Policy is posted.

Tecstra Systems does not collect information about any visitor that can personally identify an individual accessing the Tecstra Web site, so visitors can visit the Tecstra Web site without having a concern that personal information is being collected. If any personal information is to be collected, it will be accomplished as a request and the visitor will not only be fully informed of the specific information being requested and the purpose of use, but will also have an opportunity to elect not to participate (opt out) of providing personal information. Personal information means information that identifies a particular individual, such as the individual's name, postal address, and telephone number. When other information such as consumer product preferences or number of children is directly associated with personally identifiable information, this other information is also treated as personal information for purposes of this Privacy Policy. Screen names, member names, usernames or other online aliases provided by you or others accessing this Web site (except where such email addresses are requested as screen names) are not considered personal information.

The access and use of the Tecstra Web site signifies your acceptance of our Terms of Use and our Privacy Policy. If you do not accept any aspect of our Terms of Use or Privacy Policy we request that you do not use our Web site, submit information to our Web site, or access tools provided by our company.

Information Collected On the Site

Our primary goal in collecting information is to provide you with a customized experience when visiting our Web site and to make our Web site more valuable to you. We try for example to ensure that any banner advertising that may be delivered to you are consistent with your interests. We may also email you with messages and advertisements that we think may be of interest to you.

There are several forms of information that may be collected. First, information consisting of standard Web site statistics, referred to as tracking information may be collected with the use of cookies or other technology. Second, personally identifiable information provided by you electing to become a Registered Visitor may be collected through the use of registration pages on the Web site and will be collected only if you decide to provide the personal information as a visitor to the Web site.

Standard Web site statistics or tracking information will include information such as the visiting domains, length of stay, pages visited, geographic locations, types of browsers, types of operating systems, key words used or searched, and similar information which are all typical statistics commonly recorded by Tecstra. This information may be collected by the use of cookies or other similar Web technologies. This data is used to identify trends, patterns of use, page delivery problems, and other relevant data to be used for improving Web site functions and operational performance.


The use of Cookies technology involves the placement of a small piece of data on a visitor's browser so that the Tecstra Web site recognizes the data in order to deliver simple preferences of the visitor for use when they revisit the Web site or to provide usage information while visiting the site. Our Cookies do not collect any personally identifiable information such as the visitor's e-mail address or name unless the visitor has personally elected to provide and register the information on the Web site. If desired and personally elected by the visitor, cookies can be utilized to provide usage or Web site information when a visitor personally enters requested information on a registration page provided by the Web site. When revisiting the Web site, registered users can then receive a variety of services or functions that deliver information personalized or configured for their needs.

Cookies can be turned off (disabled) on a visitor's computer by simply configuring the Web browser to accomplish this procedure. This eliminates the ability of our Web site to attach cookies to a visitor. However, by turning the cookies off, the full functionality of the Web site and the Web site offering may be limited when distributing content and information to the visitor. By setting your browser to reject cookies you may also be required to login to the Web site every time you desire to make use of the personalization features of the Web site.

Third Party Advertising

Many advertisements are managed and placed on our Web site by third parties. We may use third party advertising companies to serve ads when you visit our Web site. These companies may use information about your visits to this Web site and other web sites as necessary to provide advertisements on this Web site and other Web sites about goods and services that may be of interest to you. In the course of serving advertisements to this Web site our third party advertiser may place or recognize a unique cookie on your browser to accomplish the above service. If you should click on an advertisement on our Web site and link to a third party's Web site, our Privacy Policy will not apply to your personal information collected on that third party Web site. If you would like more information about how to opt-out of having this information used by Network Advertising Initiative (NAI) companies, please click here.

Personally Identifiable Information

There may be instances when a registration page asks for information and if a visitor agrees to provide personal information it is only then that personal information will be collected and entered exactly as provided by the visitor. Information such as user name, address (e-mail or postal mail), telephone number, city, state, zip, and any other information personally provided by a visitor are examples of information that may be collected and kept to identify individuals for future use. The visitor will be informed of the use for the information and will be provided with the opportunity to opt out of the registration at any time. All information provided by the visitor must be given as their personal information or information for another individual for whom the visitor has permission to register the information given to the Web site.

Typical instances that may involve the collection of personally identifiable information may include job applications, job inquiries, demonstration requests, product inquiries, requests for marketing materials, access to Web site tools, newsletter registration, sweepstakes registration, promotions registration, survey participation, registration as necessary to post information or participate in any community forums or discussion groups, and other similar applications requiring data that assists with the process or procedure being undertaken.

The Use of Information

Identifiable information will only be collected from visitors who have personally registered the information and elected to opt-in, giving permission for Tecstra to use their personal information. This data may be used as contact information for inquiries, notification of participation, mailing information for newsletters and literature, contact information for future promotions, mailing information for orders or inquiries, contacts for customer support activities, improvements to Web site, enforcement of the Terms of Use or other conditions of access and use of the Web site, Web site performance or content, changes to products or services, and other similar related activities.

Third-Party Use of Information

Tecstra Systems divisions, agents, and partners with whom we establish working relationships may be given access to the identifiable and non-identifiable information in order to conduct business with our organization. Information shared with these parties will require that it be used only for purposes related to the services provided to our visitors and in a manner consistent with the security policies established by Tecstra Systems, such as fulfillment for orders, surveys, promotions, and related activities. Every effort will be undertaken to insure the integrity of this data so that it is not misused or repurposed for the needs of the third party.

The Privacy Policies of Tecstra Systems will also include the disclosure of personally identifiable information requested and required by law enforcement organizations or third party providers of services, if required by law in an effort to assist with legal action against violators of the Tecstra Website Terms of Use, general and safe use of Internet technology, contest rules, and any related action that is deemed to be unlawful in nature. It will be the intent of Tecstra Systems to provide the cooperation necessary to assist with enforcing laws and taking legal action against unlawful activities. We are governed by the laws in the State of Minnesota within the United States of America, so any information provided to us is considered to be transferred and authorized under the laws of our state and nation.

Posting of Information

As a registered user you may have the ability to post recipes and other information or participate in a discussion group or forum. We require personal information from such users so that we can hold participants responsible for abiding by the rules of participation and Terms of Use of the Web site. We are however not responsible for what you or others may post on the Web site and will act in good faith and as reasonably necessary to correct any problem consistent with our Terms of Use.

Links to Sites

Web sites that may be displayed and linked in the Tecstra Systems site are not governed by the Privacy Policies of Tecstra Systems. Therefore, Web site visitors to those linked sites will be required to review the policies of the linked Web sites in order to gain a thorough understanding of their Privacy Policies, realizing that Tecstra Systems has no governing rights to the policies of others.

Children's Privacy

Tecstra Systems is committed to protecting the rights and interests of children. It is our policy to not allow the collection of personal information at the Tecstra Web site from children who are 13 years of age or younger unless consent is provided by a parent or guardian.

Privacy Policy Changes

This Privacy Policy was last updated October 1, 2007 and may be modified any time at the discretion of Tecstra Systems. We encourage you to return periodically to review updates made to our Policy or if there is any concern regarding our Policy to contact Tecstra Systems directly at support@tecstra.com.


The information collected through the Tecstra Web site is placed in databases controlled by Tecstra Systems. The security measures used to maintain the privacy of the information include the use of firewalls, a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) of encryption, and security procedures designed to assist in protecting the data and information provided by you as a visitor in order to prevent unauthorized access and use. It is important to realize that we cannot fully guarantee the security of any data or information provided to our Web site and that you, as a visitor, provide it at your own risk. Information that you include in any message you post on our Website is available to anyone with access to the Web site. If you do not want people to have access or knowledge of your name or email address make sure that you do not include it in any message or information you post on our Web site.

Contact Us

If you have any questions concerning our Privacy Policy or the information we collect, you may contact us at support@tecstra.com or use postal mail to send us your comments to the following address: Tecstra Systems Attn: Customer Service - P.O. Box 478 - Austin, MN 55912.

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