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Banana Split Dessert with Pineapple - Recipe

Banana splits are a favorite but also can be a hassle to make for a crowd. This dessert is made and refrigerated until ready to serve. Try it for your next guests and serve them up a slice of a childhood favorite.
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Banana Split Dessert with Pineapple Recipe
  • Mix the crumbs and melted butter for crust and spread into a 9x13 pan and refrigerate.
  • Beat the next 3 ingredients with electric mixer for not less than 15 minutes. Spread over crust, refrigerate for 5 minutes.
  • Cover with thinly sliced bananas and top with pineapple. Cover with cool whip and sprinkle with cherries and nuts on top.
  • Keep in refrigerator. No baking is required.
Note: It is recommended to use an egg substitute in place of the egg called for in this recipe. This is due to the fact that this recipe is not baked or cooked.
Prep Time: 1 minute
Servings: 12
-2 cups graham cracker crumbs
-1/2 cup melted butter
-1 egg
-2 cups powdered sugar
-3/4 cup softened butter
-4 bananas
-1 can crushed pineapple (regular can)
-1 package Cool Whip (8 ounce pkg)
-1/2 cup maraschino cherries
-3/4 cup chopped nuts