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Seasoned Oyster Crackers - Recipe

As an appetizer or snack, you will enjoy this recipe for crackers for its ranch-style savory and spicy flavor. It is a great addition to any gathering, whether you are watching football, hosting a cocktail party, or enjoying the holidays with family and friends.
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Seasoned Oyster Crackers Recipe
  • Microwave oil in a 2 cup glass container for about 45-60 seconds.
  • Whisk in seasonings and buttermilk ranch dressing package.
  • Pour over oyster crackers in a large container and mix until thoroughly coated.
  • Store in an air tight container. Crackers will keep for a couple of weeks.
Prep Time: 15 minutes
-1 cup canola oil
-1 teaspoon lemon pepper
-1 teaspoon dill weed
-1 teaspoon garlic salt
-1 package dry buttermilk ranch dressing
-2 packages oyster crackers