Souring Agent

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A fruit, herb or dairy product that is used to alter the flavor of foods to lighten overly sweet flavors or to lighten the intense heat of spicy ingredients. Souring Agents are commonly used in Middle Eastern cooking for a variety of foods and curries. Some of the typical Souring Agents include: fruits such as cocum, lemon, limes, mangos, and tamarind. In addition, tomatoes, vinegar and yogurt are also considered as Souring Agents.

Yogurt is made into a sour ingredient by using a live sour culture when making the yogurt. As the yogurt sours, it starts to develop small beads of water on the surface of the yogurt. Increased amounts of water indicate an increase in the intensity of the sour flavor. As the yogurt reaches the desired level of sourness, which can be determined by tasting it, place the yogurt in the refrigerator to maintain the desired flavor and intensity.

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