Lazy Susan

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A rotating device used primarily in kitchens and pantries for storing items in corner cabinets, hard to reach areas at the back of cabinets, or on tabletops. A lazy Susan is round and is often constructed with several levels to provide as much storage surface as possible. The unit revolves to allow easy access to items. The unit spins on a center shaft or on a ring containing ball bearings, which is mounted underneath the device. When a tabletop model is used, typically the lazy Susan is placed at the center of the table to provide all diners with convenient access to items such as condiments. A tabletop lazy Susan is most functional when used on a round table, which provides an equal distance between all persons seated at the table and the items on the lazy Susan. Some tabletop models are large enough to be used as a means of serving food for informal gatherings, with ample space for bowls and platters, eliminating the need to pass individual dishes around the table.

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