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A marketing tool used in the food industry to offer savings to and encourage use from consumers for designated products. Free Coupons for food are common and readily available in magazines, news publications, and online.

Often a store willing to redeem specific Coupons will offer double and triple savings on selected Coupons during selected promotions, such as specific days of the week, specific dates, or at a time when a company is willing to assist with the promtional savings. Another way to save more with a Coupon is to check with various stores when a Coupon is issued to see if the store is also placing the item on sale so the price reflects a savings from both the store sale and the Coupon redemption. When using a Coupon, compare the savings for the various package sizes of the products being promoted. As an example, if the product is available in three different net weight packages, check the cost of each package minus the coupon savings to determine the overall cost per ounce for each package size. Manufacturers or stores often provide the greatest savings (the lowest cost per ounce or per pound) on the smallest size packages, but unless the cost is compared, the consumer will often select the larger sizes without comparing.

Coupons are often filed in recipe boxes or place convenient within the home. However, to organize Coupons properly for future use, consider buying a small file box built for organizing Coupons and available at many office supply stores. There are several Coupon organizers that are made which hold preprinted file cards containing tabs on the top of each card where the names of the coupons can be organized alphabetically or by writing the food category on the card tab. Coupons can then be filed easily for future use and retrieval.

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