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A herb that originated in Europe that was initially used as a rodent and insect repellent as well as a health aid for stomach discomfort. This bitter flavored herb however, utlimately became used in food preparation but only on a limited basis. The plant grows fern-like leaves extending from a single stalk. When mature, yellow clusters of small round disk-shaped flowers form above the dark green leaves, creating an attractive showy plant.

Tansy grows yearly in some areas as a wild plant. It is harvested for use in several traditional recipes for cakes and puddings from England. It is also a herb that has become an ingredient for recipes served during the Jewish Passover. Most often the leaves or stalks of the Tansy plant are used as an ingredient when they are young, tender and not fully matured. They are chopped into small bits to be prepared for salads, savory meat fillings and stuffings, egg dishes, custards, and cakes. The leaves can also be used as a rub for poultry and meat prior to roasting. For storage, keep the Tansy in airtight containers or bags refrigerated for only several days. If placed within water and frozen, this herb can be kept for longer periods of time. It can also be dried to extend the length of time for usage and kept in airtight containers at room temperature.

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