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A designation that is used by manufacturers to label a variety of kitchen cookware in order to indicate that the cookware can be safely placed in a microwave as food is being heated or cooked. To receive this designation, cookware such as utensils, plates, pots, dishes, cups, and other similar items that are labeled as Microwave Safe can be placed in a microwave oven without food and will not warm beyond room temperature despite being heated in the oven. When a piece of cookware being heated becomes hot in a microwave, use caution because the cookware may not be fully Microwavable Safe which could cause it to explode when exceeding various temperature levels.

To test a piece of cookware for safe microwave use, place a glass measuring cup containing 1 cup of water into a microwave either on or next to the piece of cookware being tested. Begin to heat both the measuring cup and the cookware on a high temperature setting allowing it to heat for 30 to 45 seconds. Check the piece of cookware being tested and the water. If the water is warm and the cookware is somewhat cool, the cookware is Microwave Safe for use.

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