Spider Skimmer

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Similar in purpose to a sieve, this kitchen utensil is most often used to retrieve foods that are being cooked in pots or pans of hot water. Consisting of a wire woven basket with a handle, the Spider Skimmer can be dipped into steaming hot water or oil and placed under many different types of food to pull pieces out for checking doneness or for removing for cooling prior to eating. The name of this utensil is derived from the wire pattern formed into the head of the Skimmer which looks very similar to a spider web. Unlike a sieve or strainer that have fine mesh screens for straining away liquids as food is retrieved, the Spider Skimmer can be used as a strainer for larger pieces of food. However, most often it is used as Skimming tool to add or remove foods from hot liquids such as water or oil. Skimmers made entirely of stainless steel are the best choice for use in the kitchen, since any wooden handled Skimmers have a tendency to soak up liquids as the handle is exposed to hot water or oil. Skimmers may be somewhat flat and round or small round spoon-like utensils shaped into the form of an open basket. Spider Skimmers may also be referred to as Sieves, Spoon Sieves, Spoon Skimmers, or Basket Skimmers.

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