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A pigment, derived from plants or plant foods that assists with not only the growth of plants but also the health of and humans. Flavonoids, which are also referred to as Bioflavonoids, are catogorized into three main groups which are: 1) Flavonoids, 2) Isoflavonoids, and 3) Neoflavonoids, with other subgroupings split apart from these classifications. For plants, a Flavonoid assists with the development of colors or pigments that occur in different plant species, such as the red and yellow coloring of various vegetables. In addition, Flavonoids provide resistance and protection to plants from attacks of insects and microbes. For humans, one attribute of Flavonoids is the amount of antioxidants within the Flavonoids that assist with various health issues such as lowering LDL cholesterol and problems related to cardiovascular diseases. Medical professionals have often advocated the use of Flavonoids to assist with fighting allergies, cancer causing carcinogens, and viruses. Some of the foods suggested for consumption that contain higer amounts of Flavonoids include berries, a variety of citrus fruits, grapes, vegetables such as legumes, onions and parsley, beverages such as red wine and green tea, and dark chocolate containing over 70% cocoa content.

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