Cooking Band or Tie

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Elastic in texture, this cooking tool is designed for use in ovens, refrigerators, and freezers to keep various foods from drooping or falling apart while cooking. Typical situations where the Cooking Band may be helpful include to keep poultry parts such as wings and legs close to the chest cavity when cooking whole turkeys, chickens or geese. The Bands can be used to secure bacon around loin cuts, or on roasts to secure some of the detached or stuffed pieces when oven roasting. On barbecue grills or rottiseries, the Cooking Band helps to keep batches of asparagus, carrots or poultry from falling apart or dislodging in position.

Made from heat resistant silicon to be safetly placed in temperatures up to 600ºF, the Cooking Band can be hand washed or dishwasher cleaned after each use and then easily reused. To lengthen the Bands, simply interlock bands together to enable larger pieces of food to be secured with the elastic band.

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