Strawberry Huller

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Most often the Huller is a stainless steel tool used to remove the stem and core of a strawberry while leaving the outside of the berry whole. For most Strawberry Hullers, this kitchen utensil is manufactured as a spring-like self-opening clamp with two extended clamps (jaws) with two indentations on the surface of each extended jaw. The indentations contain a hole so the stem and core can be accessed and removed.

The strawberry is placed between the two open jaws or clamps of the Huller so the top rests on one of the indentations and the bottom on the other indentation. The end of the Huller is inserted slightly into the stem end of the strawberry and then pinched together to get a grasp of the stem and core. The stem and core are then easily pulled out of the strawberry and discarded as the Huller is held firmly in hand. Some types of Hullers are manufactured with a section of rubber attached to the clamps in order to provide a better grip when removing the core and stem. A typical Huller works well for removing the stem and core but these items are also removed easily with the use of a paring knife to cut them out.

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