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Most often this utensil is used as a protective piece that keeps hot or cold food dishes from damaging surfaces. Typically made of a material that will withstand and disperse a wide range of temperatures, a Trivet can be placed under baked or frozen food dishes where heat or the condensation could result in damaging the table or counter finish.

There are a wide range of designs for trivets, some that are made as a set to accompany a baking dish while others are more general in size and shape to be used for a wider variety of situations. Manufactured from steel, glass, clay, wood, silicone, cloth, and other materials, the Trivet will often have some type of leg or raised area so that air can flow beneath the hot or cold dish as it rests. Many Trivet designs are produced so they have a stylish appearance, combining wood with porcelain tiles or steel embossment, while others are designed with simpler lines such as the silicon Trivets, serving to be more functional than stylish. When purchasing, consider the use and whether the Trivet fits not only the size of most situations desired but also the appearance if to be used when serving meals to guests.

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