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A traditional Swiss term to denote the preparation and serving of foods with Raclette cheese that has been prepared by warming the cheese. Most often comprised of foods such as roasted or boiled potatoes, pickled vegetables such as onions and cornichons, cooked sausages, and crusty dark breads, the Raclette cheese is typically the melted topping that accompanies the foods. In years past it was common for friends to gather around a fireplace, place a section of a wheel of the Raclette cheese next to the fire, and then as it warmed, scrape off the cheese melted on the surface of the partial wheel. Today, a similar process is being renewed with several countertop grills being developed to heat Raclette cheese in warming trays beneath a grill top holding foods that are being grilled. When finished cooking, the cheese is scraped from the trays and added to the grilled foods for an enjoyable and entertaining meal with friends.

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