Cocktail Shaker

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Common in home and commercial bars, a Shaker is used to mix ingredients prior to pouring in a beverage glass. Cocktail Shakers are typically made of stainless steel, although they are also available in other materials such as plastic. Also referred to as a beverage mixer or drink shaker, Cocktail Shakers are manufactured with a tight fitting cap that goes on a removable lid to keep contents secure within the shaker while the contents such as ice, liquid and pulp are shaken to be thoroughly mixed and chilled before being poured. The removable lid has a strainer built into the cap so that when the drink is poured the ingredients in the shaker not desired in the drink can be retained. In some instances, the cap is removed from the shaker and a separate strainer known as a bar strainer is placed in the open mouth of the shaker which also serves as a means to keep some contents out of the beverage glass.

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