Heat Diffuser

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A stovetop utensil designed to distribute heat evenly across the bottom of a pan. This type of kitchen tool is particularly useful for preparing sauces or other foods that require a slow simmering on gas or electric burners to cook the ingredients evenly. Constructed of materials such as cast iron with a porcelain coating, heavy gauge steel or plated steel such as nickel, the Heat Diffuser is designed to eliminate individual areas of the cookware from becoming too hot, such as occurs with "hot spots" which burn foods as they cook. If the cookware placed directly on the burner is not made of a material that evenly distributes heat, such as copper, heavy gauge aluminum or cast iron, then it will often have spots within the pan material that becomes hotter than other areas of the pan. Thus, the Heat Diffuser assists to distribute the heat from the stovetop burner more evenly to eliminate problems that occur as food burns and sticks to the bottom of cookware. Heat Diffusers are round in shape and range in size from 3 inches to over 8 inches in diameter for use on small to larger diameter burners.

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