Ranch Steak

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Another name for a center cut steak from the boneless chuck shoulder. The name “Ranch Steak” is a supermarket name used as a marketing tool to give the boneless chuck shoulder center cut steak a more attractive and easier to remember name for the consumer.

A ranch steak is usually cut no thicker than one inch, weighs 10 ounces or less, and is usually trimmed of all excess fat. Since it is from the chuck primal, it is very flavorful, but it is a bit tough. It is best when it is braised, however it is excellent when grilled, broiled, or pan-fried if it is marinated first and if it is not overcooked. The best results are achieved if the steak is not cooked beyond medium when using dry heat cooking methods. Other names for this cut of meat include boneless chuck shoulder steak, shoulder center steak, cut steak, shoulder petite, and chuck clod arm roast.

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