Taper Ground Blade

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The blade of a knife that decreases in size from the handle to the tip and from the top or spine of the knife to the bottom or cutting edge of the blade. The blade is manufactured from a single sheet of metal and has been ground on one side or two sides of the surface so that it tapers smoothly from the spine to the cutting edge without creating a bevel. Often referred to as a fully tapered blade when ground from top to bottom, the taper grind can also be produced as a partially tapered grind that starts midway down the blade and extends to the cutting surface, becoming more like a flat grind or flat ground blade. Unlike the hollow ground blade that has a either a beveled or fluted edge, the Taper Ground Blade is a more stable knife blade due to the rigid structure of a finely tapered, single sheet of metal. Thus, the Taper Ground Blade is made to withstand more cutting action as it cuts cleanly through a variety of foods and food textures when slicing or chopping.

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