Lifting Spatula

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A type of spatula that is typically used to remove items that are being cooked from pots, pans, skillets, and other bakeware. Most often constructed of stainless steel, the lifting spatula may have a narrow, a long, a wide, or a slotted blade depending on the task involved. The handle may be long and straight or angled so the blade can be placed easily into a pan with hot oils or ingredients while keeping fingers or hands away from the hot pan and food.

Some spatulas are made with slotted or perforated blades to allow for the handling of moist foods as the excess liquid drains away. Delicate items such as fried eggs, potatoes or fish can require a wider or longer blade to allow the food to be securely held while excess oils drain away. Slotted spatulas that are used for grilling are manufactured with longer handles that serve to keep hands far away from the hot grill. Blades that are stiff or blades that are flexible each have different functions. Stiff blades are used for heavier foods while more flexible blades are used for turning delicate foods, such as pancakes, eggs and fish. When selecting lifting spatulas consider the tasks for the utensil and determine the features most often desired, such as safety features with longer or easy to grip handles, ease of use with slots or balanced construction, and cleaning needs, such as spatulas that are dishwasher safe.

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