Cocum or Kokum

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A fruit native to India, which grows on tropical evergreen trees. Maturing into a small round fruit approximately 1 to 2 inches in diameter, Kokum becomes dark purple to black in color as it ripens. The outer rind covers a chambered inner pulp that contains 6 to 8 seeds. When eaten fresh the pulp provides a slightly sweet and sour flavor. The rind of the Kokum is most often dried in the juice of the fruit to be used as a seasoning for a variety of foods, such as curry, vegetable or bean dishes. Kokum is also added to canned foods such as pickles and chutneys to add the distinctive sweet and sour flavor of this fruit.

Commonly used in India as a coolant ingredient that can be added to foods, Kokum resists the effect of the heat, resulting in a cool and refreshing flavor for the foods containing this fruit. This fruit may also be referred to as Black Kokum, Cocum, or Kokam.

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