Squid Ink

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A deep black substance extracted from the ink sack of an ocean squid, a sea dweller that is also known as Calamari. The Cuddlefish, which also has ink sacks, is another species living in the ocean that is similar and related to the Squid. Both species use the ink as a means to escape predators, emitting this dark cloudy substance as danger approaches in hopes of intimidating the oncoming danger. The ink from Squid or Cuddlefish is used as a food coloring and flavoring, providing a very dark black color and a salty tasting flavor to foods such as pasta or rice. It is also served as a condiment, first being dried in an oven, crumbled into tiny particles, seasoned with salt and then used on a variety of foods. Squid ink can be extracted from fresh squid or it is packaged and available in some Italian food stores. To color pasta or rice, add the ink to the water as the food cooks.

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