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A combination of nuts (such as hazelnuts, almonds or chickpeas), seeds (such as sesame seeds, cumin seeds), or ground spices (such as coriander, cumin and pepper), and occasionally other desired ingredients blended together to produce a coarse ground mixture that is served with food or on food.

Native to the Middle East, particularly Egypt, Dukkah is often used as an accompaniment to breads, such as pita bread, that are dipped in olive oil and then sprinkled with the ground mixture to add a flavor and texture to the bread. It is also used as a topping to enhance meat and vegetable dishes such as roasted potatoes or various vegetables. It can be sprinkled over stews to add a seasoning and a nutty flavoring as well as a topping and seasoning for steamed rice, hummus, lamb chops or pork chops. It is often used as a rub for meats to be roasted or grilled. Dukkah seasoning may also be referred to as Dukka.

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